Valeur D'une Femme: Value of a Woman

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Hey ya'll! Throughout the year, I host a lot of events online and offline to empower and equip women around the world to build healthier relationships to themselves and implement habits that support a higher quality of life. From women's healing circles, belly dance performances and classses, women's retreats and masterminds, I aim to share my wisdom and knowledge with ambitious women who desire to educate themselves on how to embrace feminine womanhood and obtain much more out of life and experience transformative joy, peace and fulfillment.

Valeur D'une Femme Women's Circle & Book Club (Online)

About the Valeur D'une Femme (VDF) Power Sessions

Are you...

... tired of always being on guard and feeling tense,

.... tired of always having to be the one to step up and choose others who will step up instead,

.... working on building a wardrobe that boosts your self-confidence and self-respect,

... in need of taking time to find yourself and your individual style that expresses the woman you are / desire to be,

.... tired of the "strong independent woman" narrative,

... desiring to feel beautiful and comfortable in your skin, to feel and look good from the inside out,

... in need of internal and external rest and peace,

... ready to release the feeling of needing to always be guarded and on defense and embody a more gentle spirit,

... desire to align with men who allow you to rest in your femininity and operate from a higher standard of living,

... burned out from leading with and living in your masculine energy,

... ready to learn how to show your vulnerability without being taken advantage of,

... desire to align yourself with individuals who operate from a higher quality of living and engage in high quality experiences and higher level conversations

... desire to stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, bury your insecurities and live happily with your soft outer layer instead of being a one-woman army,

... seeking to be confident without vanity or conceit and unapologetically be your best self,

... ready to break generational curses and heal from trauma to embrace the soft resiliency that only women possess, operate primarily with feminine energy and find peace

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I get the Valeur D'une Femme: Value of a Woman books / book series?

You can get the Valeur D'une Femme: Value of a Woman books / books series at https://payhip.com/valeurdunefemme/collection/vdfbooks OR https://www.shatoyiajones.com/shop or on Amazon (Search: Valeur D'une Femme: Value of A Woman Shatoyia Jones; Sawngs of Sunshine Shatoyia Jones)

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Q: How often are the free power sessions held, what time and where?

The Valeur D'une Femme book club and free power sessions are held Sundays every other week at 9 p.m. EST in the VDF Facebook group ( www.facebook.com/groups/valeurdunefemme ) or if not the FB Group, the YouTube Channel (www.youtube.com/@shatoyiajones ) and the Women Helping Other Women (WHOW) network group (www.facebook.com/groups/whownetwork).

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Q: How often are the members only, subscription-based power sessions held, what time and where?

The Valeur D'une Femme book club and members only, subscription-based power sessions are held at varies times during the week and are available to access live and view via the members-only exclusive community which you can access and pay to join at: https://schoolofjoie.mn.co OR https://www.shatoyiajones.com/shop OR https://www.shatoyiajones.com/

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Q: How long are the power sessions?

The Valeur D'une Femme book club free power sessions are 15 minutes long. The Valeur D'une Femme book club and members only, subscription-based live power sessions are 45 minutes long, includes real-time, live open q/a sessions and giveaways with Shatoyia Jones.

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Q: How can I access giveaways?

The free power sessions may have giveaways and are usually open for 24 hours, though it varies depending on the session.

The members-only, subscription based power sessions always have giveaways after them and the giveaways are usually open for at least 7 days for you to enter. You can enter all giveaways in the description or comment section of every video or in the newsletter of the VDF community, which you can access by joining the community / becoming a VIP member: www.shatoyiajones.com/shop

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Q: How do I submit questions to Shatoyia that I have about femininity, faith and/or ambition?

1) VDF VIP subscribed members can submit their questions via the exclusive members only community. Shatoyia will respond with a video to your question. You can join the members only community at www.shatoyiajones.com/shop OR www.shatoyiajones.com .

2) If you are not a VDF VIP, you can send an e-mail to helloshatoyia@gmail.com with your question with subject line: 'VDF Community Question' to be sure that I see it!

3) Comment your questions under the power sessions or Youtube videos.

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Q: How do I become a VIP VDF community member?

You can become a VIP VDF community member at https://www.shatoyiajones.com/shop OR https://payhip.com/b/dFhir. Problems accessing the links? E-mail helloshatoyia@gmail.com

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Q: How do I book 1:1 coaching calls or private sessions with Shatoyia?

You can book a call at https://www.shatoyiajones.com/shop OR https://payhip.com/b/dFhir OR e-mail helloshatoyia@gmail.com

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Q: How do I leave Shatoyia a review?

You can e-mail your review at helloshatoyia@gmail.com , leave your review via the Google profile here: https://g.page/r/CaVn73DzzheyEAI/review , leave a review under videos and tag Shatoyia or send Shatoyia a review in her DMs, or leave a review at School of Joie or VALEUR D'UNE FEMME Facebook pages

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About the Valeur D'une Femme (VDF) Tour: Healing Circles and Performances

What is a Shatoyia's Valeur D'une Femme women's healing circle entail? When you book a women's circle with Shatoyia, you will receive a transformative, energizing and healing experience --physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally-- nurturing your whole essence as a woman--mind, body, spirit--, leaving you feeling seen, confident and most importantly, valued by what you bring to the table by the sheer fact that you are a woman and in the harnessing of your divinely feminine essence. Are you a woman looking to join a social club for women seeking business buddies, business partnerships and genuine friendships outside of business?

Register for an upcoming event for a relaxing, refreshing and energizing retreat full of confidently feminine and connected women, as well as the feminine women-in-training and the feminine curious, supporting each other into being their best selves in all areas of life--doing so with elegance, grace and poise.

What To Expect By Joining the Social Circle

  • Build confidence, elegance, grace and poise.

  • Grow into and embrace your femininity.

  • Make connections.

  • Build Your Resume.

  • Create lifelong genuine relationships with other women.

  • Volunteer in the Community.

  • Learn New Skills from style to self-esteem to finances to lifestyle and spiritual development.

  • Invites to various high society networking and social events.

  • Grow spiritually, mentally, physically and financially.

  • Make awesome memories with awesome people empowering each other to be their best selves

  • Access resources for a higher quality of living.

  • Look forward to re-energizing and rejuvenating conversation and activity throughout the week.

  • Become financially mobile and literate, as well as learn about business and investing.

  • Have a support system you can turn to in the hard times.

  • Annual leadership and Scholarship Opportunities.


About the Valeur D'une Femme (VDF) Tour: Healing Circles and Performances

March 4, 2023 - Valeur D'une Femme: Value of a Woman Book Launch I

March 11, 2023 - Valeur D'une Femme: Value of a Woman Book Launch I

March 18, 2023 - Valeur D'une Femme: Value of a Woman Book Launch II

March 25, 2023 - Valeur D'une Femme: Value of a Woman Book Launch II

July 14 - 17, 2023 - Valeur D'une Femme (VDF): Value of a Woman Conference and Gala


Women in Business x Women Building Generational Wealth: Enroll in Shatoyia's Women Building Generational Wealth and Women in Business Program. Join talented, confident and ambitious professional women around the world for community night & conversations focused on all things: financial literacy, business, investing and building generational wealth. In-person classes also available upon request.| GET TICKETS

Book: 5 Stages to Building Generational Wealth: The Ultimate First Generation Wealth Builder Handbook


Join our community of elegant, confident and connected women looking to support each out into being their best selves in all areas of life.

Hosted by: School of Joie and First Ladies of Poverty Foundation


Our social network is hosted by award-winning women's advocate, pageant queen, business development specialist and wealth educational consultant, Shatoyia Jones.

Since 2008, Shatoyia empowers thousands of women worldwide to confidently and intelligently embrace their femininity, realize their non-sexual value and position themselves with confidence, grace and poise to live a higher quality of life and become the CEO of their lives. Her audience desires to cultivate healthy mindsets to accomplish sustainable lifestyles of quality, joy, luxury and peace and succeed in all areas of life.

Her passion for life-long learning and self discovery with values rooted in biblical faith led her to live a very non-traditional, adventurous life of taboo experiences in the name of finding herself and in pursuit of a sense of self-liberation and happiness.

Event Agenda

  • Refreshments and Icebreakers

  • Personal & Spiritual Development: Book reading / discussion

  • Professional & Financial Development

  • Accountability Circle

  • Refreshments and Icebreakers

  • Personal & Spiritual Development: Confidence and Femininity Belly Dance Class (Optional)

  • Open Discussion / Chat

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into the circle!

Confidence. Self-Esteem. Grace. Poise. Dance & Movement.

A belly dance class with Shatoyia is created to be an oasis for women, young and seasoned, to grow their confidence, self-esteem and build grace and poise that will transcend beyond the weekly conversations, classes and performances and into every area of their lives from personal to professional. You will find a community that fosters self-expression, as well as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing--through the love of dance, movement, performance art and strong community. AND OF COURSE, we are going to have a **** ton of fun while we do so!