Empowering women to confidently and gracefully navigate the obstacles of feminine womanhood and ambition. 

Strong Feminine Women. Strong Resilient Societies.

" As I reflect on the legacy I desire to leave behind, I expect that once my time here on this planet has expired, I will have led with my own example and served in a manner to further opportunity access on a purely “skill and will” basis for generations to come by having : 1) significantly pushed forward the conversations and community-based solutions on equity and economic development for minority and women talent and professionals with my work in business development, wealth education and leadership, 2) applied my gift in communications, creative problem solving / strategic development and sales / program development and performing arts to create sustainable solutions for engagement and revenue growth for organizations I believe in so that they can continue resourcefully expanding their impact, and 3) left the world a better place by educating, empowering and esteeming the backbone of society: women." 

-- Shatoyia Jones

Where Has Shatoyia Performed and Spoken?

Where Has Shatoyia Performed and Spoken?


Feminine Empowerment: Public Speaking & Healing Circles

     It's no secret that women tend to wear so many hats because the success of our families, communities and our own self worth relies on and is dependent on so many factors. As we face the struggles of womanhood from...

and so much more...

     We lose self-respect for ourselves and fall into the trap of self-love.

Shatoyia's Healing Circles

What is a Joie by Shatoyia women's healing circle entail? When you book a women's circle with Shatoyia, you will receive a transformative, energizing and healing experience --physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally-- nurturing your whole essence as a woman--mind, body, spirit--, leaving you feeling seen, confident and most importantly, valued by what you bring to the table by the sheer fact that you are a woman and in the harnessing of your divinely feminine essence.

     Here are some of the engaging and action-oriented messages Shatoyia is delivering to women around the world with her women's healing circles:

Shatoyia's Healing Circles & Message: Core Focuses

Living Outside of the Boxes

The world makes the best aspects of women seem weak or frivolous, among them being: our emotions and relational abilities, nurturing qualities and vulnerability, our intuition and our sensual appeal. 

Women are often put in a box as a means of control-- an independent woman or only a housewife...50/50 or a gold digger... prude or "slut"...dating one person or sleeping around..weak or strong...passive or emasculating...this or that. 

Shatoyia's healing circles are more than just feel good sessions. Joie by Shatoyia female and women empowerment circles were created for women, young and seasoned, to grow their confidence, self-esteem and build grace and poise that will transcend beyond the circle and into every area of their lives from personal to professional to financial and spiritual. The women in our circles become leaders and have the chance to gain access to a variety of mentor-ship opportunities, as well as scholarship and grant opportunities for a business idea or to further their education.

👑 A Woman's Intrinsic Value

What do you bring to the table? What is your value? And how can you value yourself and love yourself if you don't know what makes you worthy of it? In A Woman's Intrinsic Value, Shatoyia teaches how as a woman, even though accolades are wonderful, your value does not lie in your title, financial status or accomplishments. Your value is implicit; it lies in the divine essence and contributions of feminine womanhood and can only be activated once you understand your value by the sheer fact of you being a woman and esteeming womanhood. 👑

👑 - Embracing Feminine Womanhood

Embracing Feminine Womanhood is about learning how to embrace all affinities of womanhood from career to love and relationships to our emotions and intuition to our sensuality and positive body image, while we continue to confidently create a unique path in feminine womanhood that represents our authentic, best selves while gracefully overcoming the obstacles on the journey to self discovery, healing and self love. The most important part: doing so with confidence and without shame and reservation. 👑

👑 - Assume Position as CEO of Your Life

Every woman's pure definition and path to fulfillment, internal peace and self respect is different and unique once she discovers who she is from a divinely healed lens. 

It is also attainable...if she is courageous enough to get in the driver's seat, pursue it and remain open and flexible to the path in which she gets to her destination. 👑


Shatoyia's healing circle includes...

Every healing circle includes a belly dance performance (classes can be requested at an additional cost), meditation & intention setting, women's address by Shatoyia (empowerment message / circle), healing circle activity group and open question and answer session. Shatoyia also offers a scholarship / grant opportunity to the women of partner organizations (more information available upon request). Book are available for ordering in bulk for communities and organizations. To order books in bulk for your community for each session, let us know to receive a discount! 

Valeur D'une Femme Vol I: Value of a Woman

Explore the principles outlined in Shatoyia's book, Valeur D'une Femme and the elements of the essence of feminine womanhood and the value of feminine womanhood to the greater good of society.

Valeur D'une Femme Vol II: Sawngs of Sunshine

Explore the in-depth meanings and practical applications of the affirmations in Shatoyia's book, Sawngs of Sunshine, as well as how to successfully apply them to your life in your journey to feminine womanhood.

Valeur D'une Femme Vol III: A Guide to Elegance

Explore guides and principles to elegance, grace and poise in character, style and appearance outlined in Shatoyia's book, Valeur D'une Femme Vol III: A Guide to Elegance to leverage a refined appearance and social capability as an extension of yourself to attract the opportunities, relationships and social environments you desire.

OPEN DISCUSSIONS - Suggest a Topic!

Feel free to suggest a topic for Shatoyia to speak on regarding: feminine empowerment, feminine womanhood, elegance, grace, poise, biblical faith, ambition, women empowerment, entrepreneurship and business, style / fashion, etc. If there is a topic you would like to hear Shatoyia speak on, but it is not listed, feel free to suggest it to her!

👑 - Testimonials

As Chair of Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business' Diversity Committee, I discovered the incredible work you've been doing with First Ladies of Poverty Foundation when you spoke during the Diversity Committee's WE Speak series. You really do have an impressive track record of impact, Shatoyia! I was impacted most by the work your foundation does in encouraging entrepreneurship

 - 👑 Audrey Dilgarde, Chair of HWIB Diversity Committee

Shatoyia has certainly been more than a mentor to me. She is 110% always there whenever you need an advice, feedback, someone to talk to you. She seems to see what you are not able to see, the good in you, your potential. I dont think I have ever had a talk with her when I dont feel better after. The most important thing that she has taught is to believe in myself. I am thankful I discovered FLP and I got the chance to meet such a thoughtful and impactful leader. The most wonderful thing about Shatoyia is that she sincerely wants to see your growth, both personally and professional. I believe is hard with any mentor you have. She also understand life happens and something you cant give your best, she is flexible and patient and always willing to lend a hand. Thank you... for the time, the opportunity and the chance. Thank you for your constant support and for wanting my growth and success.

 - 👑 Maria Lopez, Spanish Conversation partner at First Ladies of Poverty Foundation

Performances: Chakacha / Raqs Sharqi / Raqs Baladi (BellyDance)

Benefits of Chakacha / Raqs Sharqi / Raqs Baladi

When you book Shatoyia for a Raqs Baladi or Raqs Shaabi or Dance du Venture is more than just a bellydance performance. It is a joyful celebration of feminine life energy.

and so much more!

*** Bellydance Classes (Available Upon Request and for an additional fee)


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