"Shatoyia has certainly been more than a mentor to me. She is 110% always there whenever you need an advice, feedback, someone to talk to you. She seems to see what you are not able to see, the good in you, your potential. I don't think I have ever had a talk with her when I don't feel better after. The most important thing that she has taught is to believe in myself. I am thankful I discovered FLP and I got the chance to meet such a thoughtful and impactful leader. The most wonderful thing about Shatoyia is that she sincerely wants to see your growth, both personally and professional. I believe is hard with any mentor you have. She also understand life happens and something you cant give your best, she is flexible and patient and always willing to lend a hand. Thank you... for the time, the opportunity and the chance. Thank you for your constant support and for wanting my growth and success."

-- ​Maria Lopez, FLP Partner & KWFS student

Shatoyia as Miss Black America Massachusetts 2018, Kansas City, MO

Shatoyia as Ms. Massachusetts 2019 AWOS, Springfield, MA

Shatoyia as Miss Black America Mass 2018 @ Take the Mic, Springfield, MA

Shatoyia being interviewed by Holyoke Media at Podcamp, Springfield, MA

Shatoyia as Miss Black America Massachusetts 2018 @ International Women's Day Event 2018, Springfield, MA

Shatoyia as Ms. Massachusetts 2019 AWOS @ International Women's Day Event 2019, Springfield, MA

Shatoyia as Ms. Massachusetts 2019 @ ARHS Careers Day, Amherst, MA

Shatoyia as Ms. Massachusetts 2019 @ Community Day, Springfield, MA

Shatoyia hosting a women's circle, 2021, New Haven, CT

Shatoyia as guest speaker at Women's Entrepreneurship Event, Springfield, MA

Shatoyia as volunteer and contributing donor for women's organization, Springfield, MA

Shatoyia working, ministering and teaching, Guanacaste, Costa Rica


"It's very challenging to be a...woman today...there is a lot of pressure on young girls to follow the crowd, to have sex, to disrespect themselves. I feel as if charm courses give girls [and women of all ages] self-respect and confidence." 

- A Concerned Citizen


For almost two decades, award winning international women's advocate and femininity pioneer, social entrepreneur, wealth education / poverty / opportunity access, author and 2x pageant title holder, Dam Shatoyia Jones has empowered thousands of ambitious women worldwide to uncover the regal kingdom woman inside of her by equipping her with the biblically-inspired tools, mentorship and support to confidently embrace feminine womanhood, realize the non-sexual value of the feminine spirit to society and position herself with confidence, grace and poise and without shame or reservation. 

Under Shatoyia's stewardship, women of a diversity of backgrounds and socio-economic status train to become a kingdom woman, a woman who was created to hold a position of divine dominion and leadership as a uniquely powerful force of benevolent influence in their homes, their relationships and their communities, going on to leave legacies fit for the child of royal priesthood.

Founded in 2020, Shatoyia created Kingdom Woman Academy, originally, School of Joie, as a biblically-inspired, modern finishing school of divinity or "charm school" as a lifelong mentorship and leadership program ideal for ambitious women, inexperienced and seasoned, with a desire to learn more about and uncover their divine feminine spirit and nurture it into organic prominence, operate at a higher standard of living and being and achieve a deeper understanding of who they are individually and their non-sexual value to society to lead fulfilling, impactful and purposeful lives filled with genuine peace, joy and benevelot impact in and outside of their homes.

Training is offered online and Springfield, MA, USA (training Headquarters) year-long. Travel options available upon request.

Online Training Program | Springfield, MA | Invite Shatoyia to Your City

Online Training Program | Springfield, MA | Invite Shatoyia to Your City

In Kingdom Woman Finishing School, Shatoyia has channeled her experience and journey to healthy, healed feminine womanhood into her life's work of educating, empowering and esteeming the backbone of society: women, which she in turn, believes will create stronger homes, communities and societies to organically solve many of the world's issues.

Inspired by hard-learned lessons collected in her own self discovery journey to feminine womanhood, conversations had amongst her unfulfilled, ambitious female peers and countless hours giving free advice, Kingdom Woman Finishing School is her experiences traveling the world while advising, ministering to and entertaining women around the globe. Women who enroll in the KWFS curriculum learn their purpose and the place of ambition in feminine womanhood to absorb and cultivate the healthy mindset and necessary skillsets and practical benefits of feminine womanhood to accomplish sustainable personal development results, a higher quality of living and life milestones that 95% of women dream of and only 5% of woman actually achieve. The women who enroll in the Kingdom Woman Finishing School also learn how to confidently walk away from that which does not serve their ascension into healthy feminine womanhood, faith, ambition and beyond. 

The Kingdom Woman Academy's self-paced curriculum is based on the values and principles outlined in Direktè lekòl la / Dam Shatoyia's books of her Valeur D'une Femme series.

  The overarching theme of Shatoyia's curriculum focuses on the belief that all women can self-author a life of their own choosing while enhancing all aspects of life from personal life to relationships to finances to faith and spirituality, careers and beyond...without compromising their femininity. Enjoy the finer things in life: feminine womanhood, joy, peace and luxury (quality). Experience life differently as you pursue a journey of self-discovery and transformation through the lens of unapologetic and empowered feminine luxury in that celebrates or encourages women in vulgarity, spectacle, contradicting beauty standards, "struggle love" and "hustle and grind." The luxury that the women in Shatoyia's program desire goes beyond designer labels, yachts and dollar signs. We seek something that 99% of people, male or female, will ever attain--the luxury of unadulterated joy, peace and life lived more abundantly that comes from embracing soft resiliency and harnessing the exclusive benefits of embracing feminine womanhood.    

This includes: their career paths (which empowers the women who enroll in her program to receive professional opportunities that allows them to nurture their feminine womanhood and keep their feminine energy balanced in relation to other areas of their lives), their relationships to themselves (which empowers the women who enroll in her program to confidently embrace all things feminine, which includes but is not limited to: their vulnerability without fear of being taken advantage of, their desire to feel like "a lady" instead of a one woman army who has to carry the world on her back or always "step up", to release burnout and the belief that it is necessary to constantly be on guard and tense, and age old insecurities without shame or reservation int into their career paths, relationships, life experience that allows them to confidently, successfully and sustainably pursue their personal, professional and financial goals without suppressing or compromising their femininity. 

     Join thousands of ambitious women around the world learning the value of women and femininity to society, and as a result, blossoming into confidently, feminine women with elegance, grace and poise pursuing with Shatoyia's "charm school" for modern women in feminine womanhood.

which includes...

*available with annual plan


Frequently Asked Questions


     School of Joie is the ideal program for the ambitious, visionary women who desires to absorb and cultivate the healthy mindset and necessary skillsets of feminine womanhood to accomplish sustainable personal development results and life milestones in living a "soft life" a life 90% of modern women secretly desire and only 1-10% of modern women will pursue, explore and actually experience.

     Shatoyia Jones created School of Joie to be a platform for unadulterated, pure feminine education and empowerment for the ambitious, visionary woman who is tired of always being on guard, taking on and desires to transition into living a "soft life," a life anchored in peace, ease and quality of living internally and externally.  Not only is School of Joie a home-base to go into depth about the principles, values and information outlined in Shatoyia's books, but it is also a platform to continuous growth and development into feminine womanhood with new material being updated daily. The woman who enrolls into School of Joie receives what she desires out of life based on who she is in essence more so than what she has accomplished materially. 

     Simply put, the women who enroll in School of Joie want to refine their lives, break generational curses and reconnect with the softer, natural essence of women by embracing the mindset, principles, values and well-being of confidently embracing and celebrating feminine womanhood without shame or reservation. Regardless of age, ethnic identity or faith, School of Joie is suitable for all ladies who seek to enhance their current situations through putting into practice what they learn in the program to see immediate results, resulting in a fulfilling balance of being the CEO of their quality of soft living.

    If you are looking for access to authentic, real, genuine and honest feedback in a timely manner, as well as catered support to be held accountable for your action or lack thereof--you will want to get a mentor. Shatoyia will prove to be far more valuable to you than your internet searches, just as she has been for thousands of women over the past 2 decades


     Shatoyia is very generous with the amount of free jewels of information she provides on her social media channels, the material in her program is is While Shatoyia is very generous with the amount of free content she provides on her social media channels, the material in her courses is very different. 

    On YouTube, Shatoyia touches on common areas for which women seek answers about feminine womanhood in general, but she cannot go into the type of depth that is necessary for women to customize the advice given to their specific and unique circumstances. Simply put, her audience does not get the same engagement and interactivity with Shatoyia on YouTube. She cannot give the one-to-one personal attention to women who need to learn how to successfully and sustainably apply the information given to their unique circumstances on YouTube. Her free content on YouTube allows viewers to sample her personality, energy, messaging and style so that they can determine for themselves if they are a good fit for access to her full online coaching and mentorship program + the benefits that comes with enrollment.

     For more personal attention and full engagement with Shatoyia, as well as learn how to incorporate the behavioral and mindset changes needed in their lives specifically, women must enroll in the program for continuous, sustainable personal growth. 


     We live in a time where you can find information about virtually any topic around the world in the palm of our hand. While in theory, you can learn a little or a lot about almost anything from books or the internet these days, not having a paced and organized course of study makes learning chaotic, sporadic, overwhelming and ineffective.

    This is why that though one can, for example, learn a little or a lot about building generational wealth on the internet or in books for example. And many of us at one point or another tried to empower themselves by learning divine feminine womanhood on their own but ended up frustrated, overwhelmed, confused and discouraged from wasting so much time, energy, opportunity and even money in trial and error with no success in accomplishing their goals. Don't believe it? Take a look around at all of the women around you who haven't enrolled or invested in themselves and have opted for predominantly free or cheap paths. More often than not, they are not living the lifestyle they truly want to live, and if you happen to know a woman who is, it took them decades of trial and error, hundreds to thousands of dollars wasted and lots of struggle to get there. Bottom line: an investment is required for the serious and committed, no matter what you choose to pursue in life.

     This is why many enroll in trade school / program and get a financial / business / investing coach or mentor...for the social enrichment and community support that allows you to say motivated and inspired, and the focused immersive experience, curriculum and mentorship that gives you focus, direction and accountability support for guaranteed continual and sustainable progress in your journey. An investment in a coaching or mentoring program allows you to access the right information in one place, reach your goals faster with the required support and focused activity and manage the probabilities for minimal risk and maximum results. Those who enroll in Shatoyia's finds 100% guaranteed success rate in award-winning engaging, interactive and easy-to-follow curriculum full of curated material in Shatoyia's program.

    The reason for their success: the investment in oneself and peer accountability support and real-life experience students access that solo research finds lacking.  The world wide web doesn't know you and doesn't care whether or not you get an equitable return on your investment. It knows your cookies, your search habits and many of your personal data, but it does not cater its messaging to get the most out of you (unless we're talking advertising dollars from re-marketing efforts). However, if you are looking for access to authentic, real, genuine and honest feedback in a timely manner, as well as catered support to be held accountable for your action or lack thereof--you will want to get a mentor. Shatoyia will prove to be far more valuable to you than your internet searches, just as she has been for thousands of women over the past 2 decades. Shatoyia's time and investment are precious, just like your time and investment are, and so the bottom line: those who are serious invest.

    So the question is: how seriously and how quickly do you want to achieve your goals in feminine womanhood?


     Shatoyia's material is based on real life experience of her own as well as her proven principles outlined in her Valeur D'une Femme book and streaming series that has been applied by thousands of women around the world. In this program, she shares her uniquely effective expertise into practical, actionable steps women can take to start seeing results in their own lives. Her ability to identify and communicate the value in the essence of divine feminine womanhood from her own real life experience and results with practical, realistic actionable steps for more fulfilling, elevated and beautiful lives full of joie makes her mentoring style and messaging highly sought after by women of all age ranges and ethnic identities from around the world. 

     Shatoyia's teachings are based on a key combination of her decades of research and expertise and her forthright "trial and error" lived experience. A true believer in creating an internal space that allows for self-exploration, Shatoyia has never shied away from discussing taboo topics, taking (well-informed, strategic) risks and most importantly, putting her principles to the test in pursuit of the most effective and smart path to success in all aspects of unadulterated feminine womanhood and quality of living as a whole. Shatoyia has researched, studied, tested, reassessed and lived everything she shares in her courses, making the information and methods she shares and the immersive safe space and experience she provides unlike anything you can find elsewhere, even if it were to be imitated. A passionate advocate of purpose-driven, authentic and meaningful personal and professional pursuits, Shatoyia is always working diligently throughout her career in feminine empowerment, taking initiative to successfully pursue her dreams of a more refined, softer, elegant and higher quality of living in her own life, while educating, empowering and esteeming present and future generations of women to commit to forging their own paths to sustainably attain the transformational refinement of the unadulterated, divine feminine lifestyle without shame or reservation and without regard to age or background.

      When you enroll in School of Joie, Shatoyia will get to know you as an individual, especially if you opt for private coaching. Her program will take into account your quirks, instincts and desires as a woman to cater her mentoring accordingly. Mentees / clients / students not only refine their mindsets, appearances and social capabilities but deepen their sense of self-worth by developing their self-esteem through a framework of healthy boundaries, resilient attitudes and committed lifestyle changes. She will empower you to identify and work on your weaknesses, play to your strengths and ensure you're set up for success, making knowledge once accessible to the upper class and wealthy more accessible to any woman around the world who desires it.


    You absolutely can benefit from Shatoyia's program. Shatoyia's style is 100% her own; she doesn't flash a lot of labels and is extremely private with her personal life. She does not shy away from women whose style is different from hers. In fact, Shatoyia welcomes, embraces and encourages the diversity and individuality in the women who come through her program, taking pride in the uniquely inclusive community she has nurtured to showcase a wide-range of layers in individual feminine womanhood. 

    The goal of Shatoyia's program is not to make you a carbon-copy of her but rather, to empower you to uncover your individual self, own your unique femme personality and apply the principles of feminine womanhood to activate the fullness of a softer life that aligns with your individual dreams, personal taste and needs. Beauty preferences, style, fashion choices, skin color, facial features and body types will vary amongst the beautiful range of feminine women, feminine women-in-training and the feminine curious in Shatoyia's program, but the confident implementation of the mindset, values and principles of feminine womanhood--with elegance, grace and poise and without shame or reservation--are what ties us together.


     When you enroll in Shatoyia's School of Joie program, you will receive the following:

Investment: The cost of this program as of July 2022 is $997 for lifetime access for the first 300 women to sign up. After that, a monthly fee will be required for women to gain access to the program.


     Shatoyia has served in many capacities in the educational industry, including but not limited to educational consultant, admissions consultant, diversity/equity/inclusion consultant, cultural mentor, international project manager, Special Education Paraprofessional and a teacher of academic subjects in underserved communities with 17+ years of experience in the industry. She is a former public / private / charter school educator and currently is a "self-published" author and philanthropist who teaches independently with her online mentorship program / charm school for modern women, School of Joie, her book series Valueur D'une Femme (Value of a Woman), and her multi-awardwinning company, First Ladies of Poverty Foundation, where she serves as Director of Operations, educational consultant and poverty/racial equity specialist and creator of her signature program, 5 Stages to Building Generational Wealth, where she teaches first generation wealth builders the levels of ownership and generational wealth.


     Everything from the content to the lessons provided to the promises made to the testimonials and even Shatoyia herself (who prides herself on being 100% authentic and genuine) is real. All testimonials are from Shatoyia's real mentees, clients, partners and students who are full of joie with their transformations after enrolling in Shatoyia's courses or working with Shatoyia in private coaching calls.





Enrollment is open! Enroll in School of Joie to become a Kingdom Woman Today, and refine your life by confidently pursuing feminine womanhood without shame or reservation and get the information, inspiration and ongoing support to transition into the soft "life" required to uncover your true feminine essence and blossom into a uniquely confident feminine womanhood, faith and ambition!

     Hey girl! Not ready to enroll in the program, just yet? That's okay! I still want you to be a part of my femme empowerment community. Become a divine femme supporter today to get weekly empowering e-mails from me, get the Valeur D'une Femme magazine in the mail every 3 months, get notified when I go live, join a supporting members only live monthly chat session with me and even get the chance to win a private phone call or spend an all-expense paid* weekend with me! I look forward to welcoming you into my community of divine feminine women, divine feminine women-in-training and the divine feminine curious. I can't wait to meet you. See you soon!

- 👑 Shatoyia 

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