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Joie by Shatoyia is a brand for spiritually aligned women who radiates a quiet confidence and aims to live fully and passionately, with appreciation and gratitude for every "small" moment of life and a desire to continue attracting the finer things in life-- healthy relationships, abundance and a higher quality of living.

Joie by Shatoyia is for the woman who wants on a self-discovery journey to loving and respecting herself and learning to confidently embrace her femininity in uniquely made pieces that make each woman who wears our brand feel more like a "renaissance lady": a confidently elegant, graceful, poised, and confident feminine woman who is also capable of being the CEO in at the office, at home and every other area of her life -- in comfort and style.

The woman who shops and embodies Joie by Shatoyia is a woman of many layers, a woman who knows what she wants, a woman who knows what she is worth and a woman who commands respect with her presence. She is a representation of a woman who is a compassionate leader of service, a true "queen" who is always looking to become a better version of herself everyday so that she can walk into her "queendom" without shame or reservation. And she adorns herself with a mindset, spirit, character and personal style as an extension and representation of the woman she is: high value (in mind, body and spirit).

If you are...

... tired of always being on guard and feeling tense,

.... tired of always having to be the one to step up and choose others who will step up instead,

.... working on building a wardrobe that boosts your self-confidence and self-respect,

... in need of taking time to find yourself and your individual style that expresses the woman you are / desire to be,

.... tired of the "strong independent woman" narrative,

... desiring to feel beautiful and comfortable in your skin, to feel and look good from the inside out,

... in need of internal and external rest and peace,

... ready to release the feeling of needing to always be guarded and on defense and embody a more gentle spirit,

... desire to align with men who allow you to rest in your femininity and operate from a higher standard of living,

... burned out from leading with and living in your masculine energy,

... ready to learn how to show your vulnerability without being taken advantage of,

... desire to align yourself with individuals who operate from a higher quality of living and engage in high quality experiences and higher level conversations

... desire to stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, bury your insecurities and live happily with your soft outer layer instead of being a one-woman army,

... seeking to be confident without vanity or conceit and unapologetically be your best self,

... ready to break generational curses and heal from trauma to embrace the soft resiliency that only women possess, operate primarily with feminine energy and find peace

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More About Joie by Shatoyia

As a busy professional, I want to wear clothing that is made of quality material and allows me to be effortlessly comfortable, stylish and elegant. I do my own personal styling, and I don't have ample amounts of time to give to my outside appearance. So I created a clothing line where I can get ready in 25 minutes or less and still with an elegant, stylish and comfortable look that speaks for itself when I walk into any room, gives me an extra boost of confidence and energy during the day and represents who I aim to be--a uniquely made woman of value, elegance, grace, poise, confidence and femininity.

I also wanted to created a line of elegant lounge-wear as well. I want to wear pieces that even when I am lounging around, my clothing still feels effortlessly elegant and luxurious. With a focus on "quality over quality," "less is more," and "details hunnayyyy...," my ultimate goal is to upgrade my personal closet, drawers and armoires, as well as the closets, drawers and armoires of women around the world with clothing that will allow them to feel confident and elegant everywhere and at anytime of day, whether in the office, on the beach or lounging at home--while making getting ready for the day effortless.

--Shatoyia Jones

Creator of School of Joie and Joie by Shatoyia


helloshatoyiajones@gmail.com | firstladiesofpovertyfoundation@gmail.com

IG, Facebook and YT: @schoolofjoie