"As I reflect on the legacy I desire to leave behind, I expect that once my time here on this planet has expired, I will have led with my own example and served in a manner to further opportunity access on a purely “skill and will” basis for generations to come by having : 1) significantly pushed forward the conversations and community-based solutions on equity and economic development for minority and women talent and professionals with my work in business development, wealth education and leadership, 2) applied my gift in communications, creative problem solving / strategic development and sales / program development and performing arts to create sustainable solutions for engagement and revenue growth for organizations I believe in so that they can continue resourcefully expanding their impact, and 3) left the world a better place by educating, empowering and esteeming the backbone of society: women."

- Shatoyia Jones

Confidence. Elegance. Grace. Poise. Femininity.

Shatoyia Jones


Disciple || Public Figure || Mentor || Author || Speaker || Philanthropist

"Inside every woman is a uniquely regal, powerful, influential force of nature that can change the trajectory of the world. "

- Shatoyia Jones

Confidence. Elegance. Grace. Poise. Femininity.

Shatoyia is first and foremost an adventure seeking, memory creating and  Louisiana native now living in New England. Currently, she serves as a disciple of Christ, international divine femininity, faith + ambition pioneer & international women's advocate & life coach / mentor @ SHATOYIAJONES.COM, Dam / Creative Director @ Kingdom Woman Finishing School, author of You Are Your Greatest Asset, author and Host of the Valeur D'une Femme: Value of a Woman Series, Board Member: Strategic Development, Communications & Growth (all departments) & Vice President @ WHOW Network, author of 5 Stages to Building Generational Wealth and equitable opportunity access, racial equity & poverty reduction specialist.


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"Diversity is the representation of a variety of audiences in culture, features, perspectives and beliefs. Inclusion is the creation of a space where each individual is not only represented in being asked to sit at the table but also to be invited to influence the conversations, decisions made and opportunities to be had and received."



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