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Shatoyia's platform and online charm school for women who desire to to confidently and intelligently embrace their femininity, realize their non-sexual and sexual value, and position themselves with confidence, grace and poise to live a better quality of life and become the CEO of their lives. School of Joie's students are specifically focused on curriculum that cultivate healthy mindsets and the necessary skills to accomplish sustainable lifestyles of quality, joy, luxury and peace, as well as significant personal development results.

Women in Business Program

Join professional women around the world for community night & conversations focused on all things: financial literacy, business, investing and building generational wealth.


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Shatoyia has won various awards and honors for her work in business, entrepreneurship, poverty alleviation, diversity/equity/inclusion and feminine empowerment space. She has also been Featured on: 100 Women of Color, MassLive, Women Who Create, Forte Rising Stars, Black PR, Harvard Women in Business, Diversity Movement, Her Campus, Black on Black Education, Washington Post, Mass Live, Campus Trendsetters, College Fashion Week and many more...

About Shatoyia Jones

Shatoyia Jones, aka the queen of self-discovery, is a multi-award winning and internationally renowned host, speaker, performance artist, entrepreneur and business development specialist. A born again devout woman of biblical faith, her passion for life-long learning and refined personal development & self discovery with values rooted in biblical faith led her to live a very non-traditional, adventurous life where she embraced taboo experiences in the name of finding herself in the pursuit of a sense of self-liberation and happiness. A conversation with a colleague on happiness and self discovery turned into a discussion on having her own show and led her to create her original streaming series, Joie De Vivre with Shatoyia Jones, her online charm school and flagship course School of Joie, and her book, Secrets of the Happy Modern Woman, where she shares practical and accessible life-scaling skills to empower her viewers and students to take accountability for their own happiness by embarking on a self discovery journey that will repair their relationships with themselves so that they can experience the things most people seek but never obtain: the joy in living and luxury of peace.

Joie De Vivre is the delight in simply living life or an exuberant enjoyment of life. People who seem to enjoy life in a cheerful and spirited way are often described as having joie de vivre, which literally means "joy of living" in French. The phrase can also refer to anyone who lives fully and passionately, appearing to enjoy life and revel in every single moment or in appreciation for the small things. With every video and book, award-winning entrepreneur, author, performance artist and poverty / racial equity specialist, Shatoyia's wisdom and guidance is shared in a passionate and empathetic, straight no chaser wisdom that her audience has come to know, trust and love. She empowers her audience to one step closer to long-lasting purpose, peace and prosperity by learning how to take accountability and recognize your role in the lack of happiness and peace in your life, how to set standards that promote a loving relationship to self and thus others and what to avoid in a successful union with yourself, your purpose and others--without shame or reservation in your humanity, your imperfections. The ultimate goal: to unlock the keys to manifest a better, more fulfilling, vibrant and peaceful life by nurturing a healthy relationship to yourself.

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