"The Most Important Impression You'll Ever Make Is The Impression of Yourself."

Shatoyia Jones

Healing Circle

What is a Joie women's circle entail? When you book a women's circle with Shatoyia, you will receive a transformative, energizing and healing experience --physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally-- nurturing your whole essence as a woman--mind, body, spirit--, leaving you feeling seen, confident and most importantly, valued by what you bring to the table by the sheer fact that you are a woman. Online and In-person circles available upon request.

Joie De Vivre is the delight in simply living life or an exuberant enjoyment of life. People who seem to enjoy life in a cheerful and spirited way are often described as having joie de vivre, which literally means "joy of living" in French. The phrase can also refer to anyone who lives fully and passionately, appearing to enjoy life and revel in every single moment or in appreciation for the small things. With every video and book, award-winning entrepreneur, author, performance artist and poverty / racial equity specialist, Shatoyia's wisdom and guidance is shared in a passionate and empathetic, straight no chaser wisdom that her audience has come to know, trust and love. She empowers her audience to one step closer to long-lasting purpose, peace and prosperity by learning how to take accountability and recognize your role in the lack of happiness and peace in your life, how to set standards that promote a loving relationship to self and thus others and what to avoid in a successful union with yourself, your purpose and others--without shame or reservation in your humanity, your imperfections. The ultimate goal: to unlock the keys to manifest a better, more fulfilling, vibrant and peaceful life by nurturing a healthy relationship to yourself.

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Diversity is the representation of a variety of audiences in culture, features, perspectives and beliefs. Inclusion is the creation of a space where each individual is not only represented in being asked to sit at the table but also to be invited to influence the conversations, decisions made and opportunities to be had and received.

Shatoyia Jones

Women Building Wealth

Enroll in Shatoyia's Women Building Generational Wealth and Women in Business Program. Join talented, confident and ambitious professional women around the world for community night & conversations focused on all things: financial literacy, business, investing and building generational wealth. In-person classes also available upon request.

Charm School

Shatoyia's platform and online charm school, School of Joie is for women who desire to to confidently and intelligently embrace their femininity, realize their non-sexual and sexual value, and position themselves with confidence, grace and poise to live a better quality of life and become the CEO of their lives. School of Joie's students are specifically focused on curriculum that cultivate healthy mindsets and the necessary skills to accomplish sustainable lifestyles of quality, joy, luxury and peace, as well as significant personal development results. In-person classes also available upon request.


Joie by Shatoyia is a brand for spiritually aligned women who aims to live fully and passionately, with appreciation and gratitude for every "small" moment of life and a desire to continue attracting the finer things in life-- healthy relationships, abundance and a higher quality of living.

The woman who wears Joie by Shatoyia is a woman of many layers, a woman who knows what she wants, a woman who knows what she is worth and a woman who commands respect with her presence. She is a representation of a woman who is a compassionate leader of service, a true "queen" who is always looking to become a better version of herself everyday so that she can walk into her "queendom" without shame or reservation. And she dresses like the woman she is-- high value.


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Media, Awards & Honors

Shatoyia has won various awards and honors for her work in business, entrepreneurship, poverty alleviation, diversity/equity/inclusion and feminine empowerment space. She has also been Featured on: 100 Women of Color, MassLive, Women Who Create, Forte Rising Stars, Black PR, Harvard Women in Business, Diversity Movement, Her Campus, Black on Black Education, Washington Post, Mass Live, Campus Trendsetters, College Fashion Week and many more...

Shatoyia Jones, aka the queen of self-discovery, is a multi-award winning and internationally renowned host, speaker, performance artist, entrepreneur and business development specialist. A born again devout woman of biblical faith, her passion for life-long learning and refined personal development & self discovery with values rooted in biblical faith led her to live a very non-traditional, adventurous life where she embraced taboo experiences in the name of finding herself in the pursuit of a sense of self-liberation and happiness. A conversation with a colleague on happiness and self discovery turned into a discussion on having her own show and led her to create her original streaming series, Joie De Vivre with Shatoyia Jones, her online charm school and flagship course School of Joie, and her book, Secrets of the Happy Modern Woman, where she shares practical and accessible life-scaling skills to empower her viewers and students to take accountability for their own happiness by embarking on a self discovery journey that will repair their relationships with themselves so that they can experience the things most people seek but never obtain: the joy in living and luxury of peace.

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👑 My Story

I am a (@schoolofjoie) Louisiana native who grew up in poverty and was exposed to abuse, violent racism & financial hardship at a very young age, and I always sought out leadership and educational opportunities to have the capacity to rise above my circumstances and live a life I can truly enjoy and be proud of, a life of faith, adventure, genuine love and relationships and positive social impact and progress.

Where I come from,having material things was more important than actually being wealthy--it was more cool to look like you have it all together and play the part of "being paid and having money" than to actually have it all together and actually have money / be wealthy. It is very difficult to want more out of life but only be surrounded by individuals satisfied with a life of mediocrity and poverty, surrounded by folks taking pride in working long, hard hours only to continue living paycheck-to-paycheck and having to ask favors to keep the lights on, food on the table and upkeep an image that was slowly crumbling with every child who left home to pursue a better life.

Growing up in poverty, I desired to attain "the American dream"--to be presented with the opportunities to be successful. I started businesses to pay for academic and leadership activities, studied long and hard to be the best of the best, was top of my class in school, and you can find my name mentioned in almost anything pertaining to education and leadership in my community. No social life for me--all of my time went into education, business, chores, work and repeat. Though it's a joke where I come from, I self-harmed almost everyday.

The racism (more like colorism) down South is very explicit and is embedded into the framework of even my own culture, andI witnessed minority communities work tirelessly just to put food on the table for their families and then pass away in debt, unfulfilled and haven't known what it means to truly enjoy life.

​ Despite the promise of opportunity if I checked all of the boxes (and even excelled beyond the boxes) my entire life, I found myself going into debt to survive with no guarantee of a job if I graduated college and no matter how hard I worked or what I achieved, a higher quality of life or decent pay seemed so out of reach, despite my qualifications and experience. I moved across the country to another state where I didn't know anyone, didn't have family around and begin to navigate new social territories with new rules that I did not want to adhere to in the name of finding success.

I held several jobs in a variety of different industries, most of them in the education system, in leadership and business, and I found myself desiring so much more than the daily grind of going to work, going home, paying bills and repeat. So, I decided to go into entrepreneurship and business full-time as a foundational alternative to traditional paths to success and have not looked back since.

In my journey, I witnessed and continue to witness the generational and historical effects of the lack of awareness (or desire to be aware) of how essential a supportive community, a mentor, education, and health is to escaping the mental and financial poverty we all grew up in. We all have dreams of being wealthy and living a high quality life, but we are not taught the fundamentals of stability and wealth building or how to navigate the system to get there, especially as people of color, and even more specifically, people of African descent in America. And allies are not taught how to effectively get involved and help make this knowledge and resources more accessible to diverse demographics. As a person of African descent living in the USA, I feel a duty to help us as a collective combat our unique obstacles in society that everyone else are either insensitive to or just don't care about.

As of September 2021, I am starting over in my wealth building journey and in taking all of the lessons I have learned in education, business, entrepreneurship and in what kind of a life I want to live and putting all of my wisdom into a program called, 5 Stages to Building Generational Wealth, where I am teaching those with a serious interest in saving, managing and investing in their future for personal growth and financial security.

​ Through this program (and all of my programs, First Ladies of Poverty Foundation ; School of Joie ), I aim to share my wisdom, knowledge, resources and networks with those serious about education for a higher quality of living, business, investing and building generational wealth. With my work in leadership, education, business and program development, I also aim to advocate for racial equity and solutions to the unique professional, financial and social obstacles presented to minority communities, women leadership and effective, community-based poverty reduction that levels the playing field of opportunity and success for minority communities.

👑 My mentor-ship style can be summed up as straight no chaser accountability. Other words that have been used to describe my mentor-ship style is passionate, poised, challenging, comfortable...you can see testimonials via the comments below. Communication is important to me, and I hope we would be able to establish a relationship of open communication. Iwould start off with getting to know each other, sharing stories and setting expectations.I want to know your story and really understand who you are as an individual.We would then move forward with creating a custom strategy and blueprint for you to reach your personal, professional and financial goals.

👑 Ultimately, through my mentor-ship style, you will come to understand that I genuinely want to see you succeed in life, support you through tough times and celebrate the victories (small and large) with you. I give tough love with a compassionate delivery so that you are held accountable to the goals and vision that you have set. I support you in choosing the right paths that work for YOU and your goals...

Career and Professional Bio:

👑 Shatoyia's professional career started at 8 when she created a business to sell snacks to her peers so that she could afford academic and leadership educational programs that she took interest in. In high school, she graduated with AP and Honors with a long resume of accolades under her belt, including Miss National Honor Society, Miss Spanish nominated and a Service Above Self award given to her by the local Rotary club and over 1.4 million in academic scholarships, while working as a librarian at a middle school and leading a variety of academic and behaviorial programs. Since, education, business/entrepreneurship, leadership and management and faith-based ministry work has always been re-ocurring themes in her professional experiences.

👑 After high-school, she left Louisiana for college on the other side of the country. In 2017, she was selected as a solo international global literacy project and ministry community leader, program coordinator and manager forBeyond El Campo in Costa Rica and spoke at a variety of colleges and non-profit organizations. In 2018, she switched gears and focused on business and entrepreneurship full-time, serving as Miss Black America Massachusetts whilst doing social impact and management operations consulting work with her own consulting company for non-profits and small businesses, such as Institute for Training and Development, GPI US, US Performing Arts Camp, MIT Innovation Conference, Self-Dial Americorps, Harvard Business, NextGenHQ Summit, Power in Your Purse, EaseNation, Make-It-Springfield, Trinity College, HerCampus, College Fashion Week, HerConference: EmpowerNYC, Harambe Seed Funding at Harvard Business, Harvard African Business Conference and other high-profile business, entrepreneurship, education and women's empowerment organizations.

👑 In 2019, she served as guest and media for the Collaborative for Educational Services: Improving Outcomes for Students Living in Poverty and Trauma, Business Fights Poverty NYC and Next Gen Summit. She also worked at a variety of local educational institutions and served in many capacities, won an award for volunteer of the year and served as Ms. Massachusetts 2019 AWOS and national Ambassador for Afri(k)que, appearing, speaking, hosting and performing for a variety of women's empowerment and business / entrepreneurship organizations, conferences and other events around the U.S. She also served as mentor and judge for entrepreneurship and business competitions such as Diamond Challenge and WIT and closed out the year with 4 prestigious awards and honors for her work with her organization, First Ladies of Poverty Foundation.

👑 Currently, Shatoyia travels and serves as Founder and CEO of First Ladies of Poverty Foundation, a multi-awardwinning community center and resource hub providing educational resources, community, group/private mentoring and coaching options and business and investing trade programming for entrepreneurial-minded minority individuals who are the first (or one of the few) in their family to think about or start the process of building generational wealth. Her service to the community is extended into her service as Co-Chair, international poverty and racial equity specialist and diversity, equity and inclusion chair for SCORE Westernmass, a mentoring organization for small business owners, national ambassador for Afrikque, an organization empowering women out of poverty and founder / creator of School of Joie, an organization empowering modern women to confidently claim title of CEO of their lives with elegance, poise and femininity--and without shame or reservation. She also takes on business development consulting and various speaking / hosting and content creation / influencer opportunities through the year and will be authoring a book for 2022.

👑 In her 16 year (and counting) professional career, Shatoyia has earned a strong reputation for being a forward thinking, energetized visionary who confidently and gracefully creates innovative, timeless and sustainable solutions to some of the world's biggest issues in education, leadership, diversity, equity and inclusion and poverty reduction.​She credits her underdog success and wisdom to (first and foremost) Yahweh, fueled by the Holy Spirit with a touch of unwavering resourcefulness, resilience and business savvy with a lifestyle anchored in lifelong learning and humility.

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